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Tech Solutions Service Policy:

** Us / We: Tech Solutions Limited

** You / Your: The Customer

By leaving your device with us or sending your device to us, you confirm that you accept the following terms of service Terms and conditions of Tech Solutions Ltd:



a.     We will provide repair, upgrade, fault resolution and installation services, as may be required for your Service Request, in relation to your device(outside of warranty).

b.     We usually perform services at our premises, with it being your sole responsibility to deliver and collect your equipment from us. However, we may agree to perform our services offsite, in such case we may charge offsite service fees in addition to our quoted price or standard hourly rate depending case to case. If you request us to freight your equipment ‘To’ or ‘From ‘then it will be done solely at customers’ risk, with additional charges from us for such freight.

c.     We perform our services during our normal business hours being 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). If you require urgent ‘out of hours’ services, then we may charge an hourly rate which is higher than our standard hourly rate (if we have not provided you with a quote to perform such services).

d.     You give us all necessary rights and third party consents as it is required by us to perform your service.


a.     We will coordinate repairs and service work on your device as required by your Service Job sheet.

b.     In the due course of services, Tech Solutions Ltd may utilise third party service organisations as outwork, whilst Tech Solutions Ltd will endeavour to ensure quality service levels are maintained. Customers may or may not be notified if such third party services are utilised.



a.     Tech Solutions Ltd does not guarantee the level of work undertaken by such third parties

b.     Tech Solutions Ltd gives no warranty on Liquid/water Damage and physical damage services.

c.     Tech Solutions Ltd gives no warranty on being repaired and serviced by other service parties. Whole new quote is produced to continue the service.

d.     Tech Solutions gives 90days warranty on the services offered or as mentioned in the service job sheet excluding parts installed only if valid legal software, protection software are used and installed.


Parts and Accessories

a.     Any parts or accessories supplied to you as part of our services will be charged to you in addition to our standard service charge and any other charges (unless any quote from us expressly includes such additional charges). Title to such hardware items will pass to you upon receipt of payment in full. All such products remains property of Tech Solutions Limited until full payment has been made to Tech Solutions Limited.

b.     We provide OEM and Original parts, batteries and accessories. OEM covers 14 days exchange warranty, whereas original covers standard individual warranty provided by the manufacturing company.

c.     Parts Enquiries and Purchases:  All sales are final, and will not be accepted for returns or refund as a result of incorrect order from customer. A voucher of same value can be issued instead. If received parts/products are found faulty within 7 days from the day of purchase such parts/products will be replaced. After 7 days from the day of purchase if such parts/products are found faulty they will be tested and depending upon test results it we be repaired or replaced as necessary. A standard fee of $25.00+gst apply if no fault is found. All parts and accessories carry a 14 days warranty from the date of purchase unless specified. Tech Solutions Ltd Terms of Trade apply to both spare parts, products and accessory sales. All parts sold should be installed by a professional having a proven experience of minimum 18 months in an registered organisation.


Charges and Payment

a.     If your service constitutes a warranty Claim, then any obligation stated in these terms for you to pay charges to us will not apply if and to the extent that our charges are covered and paid under your particular warranty claim. If our charges are not paid by the relevant product manufacturer under warranty claim, then you liable for paying such charges.

b.     In some cases, Tech Solutions Ltd will coordinate service and will involve third party service providers. In such cases, Tech Solutions Ltd will charge a handling fee over and above any fees charged by the third party service provider or any allowances you may be eligible for under warranty or insurance terms. You will be informed of such charges at the time of booking or as soon as possible thereafter.

c.     Insurance quotes are charged at $75+gst for mobiles/ipads/tablets and $95+gst for electronics and electronic peripherals.

d.     Our charges to you will either be as we quote to you, or as per our standard hourly rate, always subjected to these terms and conditions. A minimum charge applies to all service jobs, such minimum charges will be as notified by us from time to time unless stated. Unless we have agreed in writing to extend credit to you, you must pay our charges in full (cash, EFTPOS or a credit card approved by us) before you collect your device from us.

e.     Goods must be collected within 7 (Seven) days after we notify you that it is ready to be collected unless stated by the customer. If you do not pay our charges (whether under a cash or credit arrangement), we have the right to retain your device and auction it once 50 days expires after we first make demand for payment from you. You will be liable to pay our costs associated with the recovery of your debts (including our legal and other agency fees and charges). We will be entitled to deduct and retain all such sums from the proceeds of any sale of your product under this clause. You will continue to be liable to us with regard to any shortfall following any such sale.


Device and Data

a.     We will endeavour to take all reasonable care of your device. However, your device is supplied to us at your risk. You must make sure that your device is fully insured at all times.

b.     You must ensure that all software and data which is on your device is backed up prior to providing the equipment to us. We will not be responsible for any loss of data from your device for any reason.

c.     If we need to send your device to the manufacturer or another third party for any reason, you accept that we cannot be held responsible for the security or confidentiality of the data on your device (including any personal information). We recommend that you remove any data which is particularly personal or sensitive prior to providing your device to us. You consent, and warrant that you have all third party consents, regarding the provision of all personal information to us. In the context of a warranty claim or other service, we may need to provide your personal information to the relevant manufacturer for verification purposes. You consent to such disclosure, you also consent to receiving electronic communications from us from time to time with regard to goods or services which we may promote.


Updated as on 10 May 2020


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