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AF Cardclene Swipe / Entry Machine Cleaners - 20

Cleaning system for magnetic card reading equipment and ATM cash machines.


AF Isoclene Anti-Bacterial Office Wipes Tub of 1

Tub of 100 bactericial wipes for disinfecting and cleaning most hard surfaces. Kills 99.7% of Bacter

AF IsoClene Isopropanol Pump Spray Can - 250ml

General cleaning for technicians 99.7% pure Isopropanol for any technical cleaning such as magnetic

AF Microfibre-Clene Large Soft Microfibre Cloth

An exceptionally soft cloth designed for cleaning without being abrasive or leaving any residue.

AF PC-Clene Anti-Static PC Wipes Tub

A general purpose tub of impregnated, anti-static cleaning wipes can be used on all glass and plasti

AF Phone-Clene Anti-Bacterial Phone Wipes Box

Box of 100 sachets containing bactericidal wipes for cleaning and sanit'sing telephones and mobile p

AF Phone-Clene Anti-Bacterial Phone Wipes Tub

Tub of 100 bactericidal wipes for cleaning and sanit'sing telephones and mobile phones.

AF Safetiss Lint Free Single Ply Paper Wipes Box

High quality lint-free single ply paper wipes ideal for screens and filters


AF Screen-Clene + Large Microfibre Cloth ~ 200ml

200ml pump spray bottle with FREE large micro-fibre cloth in retail packaging

AF Screen-Clene Sachets Box of 100

Box of 100 pre-saturated screen wipes in individual sachets.


AF Screen-Clene Wipes Tub of 100

Tub of 100 moist anti-static cleaning wipes for use with monitors, laptops and anti-glare filters.

AF Spray Invertible Aerosol Airduster - 200ml

Non-flammable invertible airduster. Great for cleaning hard to reach areas, Pure compressed gas f


AF Super Duster High Pressure Airduster - 300ml

Non-flammable high pressure airduster. Our most powerful airduster for blowing dust and debris fr


Ednet 250ml Screen Cleaner Bottle

Ednet 250ml Screen Cleaner Bottle

Ednet Office Cleaning Wipes - 100 Pack

Office cleaning wipes, Box of 100 wipes, Suitable for all surfaces, screens, laptops, scanners, glas

Ednet Power Cleaner High Pressure Sprayduster 40

The ednet Power Duster is suitable for cleaning from inaccessible areas in EDV and office devices e.

Ednet Power Cleaner Sprayduster 400ml

Thoroughly removes dust and dirt from hard-to-reach areas, Aerosol spray for cleaning computer acces

Ednet Screen Cleaner 200ml + Microfibre Cloth

Screen cleaner for LED, TFT, LCD, plasma screens and laptop displays plus any other sensitive plasti

Ednet Screen Cleaning Wipes 100 pack

100 LCD Screen Cleaning Tissues for TFT screens, Notebooks and flat screens
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