Our story. progress. success.

In a state of ever-growing and rapidly evolving market of consumer electronics, information technology and system integration, a group of highly qualified engineers founded Tech Solutions Limited.

In 2013, the company established its head office in Auckland and started its activities with the sale of consumer electronics and services, in New Zealand.

Recognizing the need of customer and offer them with high quality product and service at a compatative price is the sole purpose of Tech Solutions Limited.


Tech Solutions Limited seeks to be the leading distributor of consumer electronics and components. A one stop IT services and solutions provider for end users to large corporate organizations in the region.


Provide customers with creative, innovative and quality products. A one-stop consumer electronis and IT solution with excellent services at competitive price.

Environment & Sustainability

We recognize that our operations may result in emissions to air, water and generation of electronic waste. We commit to comply with relevant legislation and regulations by actively promoting, recycling both internally, amongst the customers and suppliers, seeking to continuously improve our environmental systems to minimize the impacts of our operations.